SHR Beech Hill's "Oscar", JH, CD, RE, RN, RA, WCI, WC, CC, CGC
OFA Good, Normal Elbows, OFA Heart Normal, EIC Normal, CERF, Optigen Normal
January 19, 2005  to  July 2019

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Reserve Winners Dog-Nov 2005
Moncton, NB
Sept 17, 2011
Oscar loves to train.
AM/CAN CH Pine Edge Shiftin' Gears, JH
Oscar's Great Grandfather at 14 yrs. old
Oscar-age 2

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Rally Novice Title-2nd Place
Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston
June 15, 2007
SHR Beech Hill's Oscar, JH RA
Rally Advanced-3rd Place
Mid-Coast Kennel Club
Sept 2, 2007
Oscar at the PHRC hunt test completing his final water retriever for his Junior Hunter title.  This picture gives me such a warm feeling as it represents his fourth retrieve in the Junior Test series and completion of his 
Junior Hunter Title-July 2007
Oscar to me is my knight in shining armour.  He is a fifth generation Beech Hill labrador and is a perfect representation of why I love the Labrador Retriever. To me, he is just beautiful!  In 2007 he achieved several titles which include:  Junior Hunter, Rally Novice, Rally Advanced, Working Certificate Intermediate, Canine Good Citizen, and the UKC title of Started Retriever.
Oscar and I recently competed in Novice Obedience in Acton, Maine where we flunked on Saturday.  
We came back on Sunday to not only qualify, but to place 2nd!
May 3 & 4, 2008
Off Lead Heeling Exercise
Stand For Exam Exercise
In Ready Position-Figure Eight Exercise
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Oscar with 2 of his daughters (born 10-20-08) under the counter at my grooming shop which I am currently in negotiations to purchase.  He is such a great dad and role model for his kids.  They look so snuggly it makes me want to crawl in there with them...... 
December 30, 2008
Oscar and I at a club 
training day
July 2012