SHR Edgemere's Rising Waters Over Beech Hill, WC JH
OFA Prelims Normal, CERF, Prelim Cardiac Normal
"Umaga" is owned by Melissa Wood & Karen Cheney.

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At the fall WC Umaga gave an outstanding effort to find his duck with no luck.  I was still proud of him for trying as hard as he did considering he was only 6 1/2 months old at the time.   There is always next year!
First day at a training day at the tender age of 9 weeks old.  What a cutie!
Below he is in the middle of Tilden on the left and Gidget on the right.  He was 11 weeks old.
Umaga's breeder introduces all her puppy's to bird wings as I do as well.  I strongly believe it is most beneficial for future hunt training.  As you can see he has a natural hold and his instints to hunt are right on.  At the age of 4 months old he is well on his way to becoming a good hunting dog.  One of his attributes is his soft mouth.  I can't wait to run him in the hunt tests in 2009.
SHR Graycroft Edgemere Seaworthy, JH RN
"Noah" is Umaga's daddy.  Karen and Anna gave me the pleasure of handling him at the PHRC hunt test July 7, 2008.  I can only hope Umaga will grow up to look like his daddy.....what a big handsome boy he see more pictures of Noah check out  Graycroft Kennels.
Edgemere's Rising Waters Over Beech Hill, CGC WC

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December 2009
Umaga's handsome good looks just melt me.
9 weeks old
December 2009
Umaga is not just a dog he is my gentle sweet sweet boy.  Here he is being groomed by Tracy's 4 yr old granddaughter
Abby.  As you can see she had to improvise a bit to get the job done.
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